#TradSongTues - how it works*

Jan 09, 2018

#TradSongTues is a place on Twitter to explore all things traditional song - with themes. Posts include exciting findings, recordings, photos, quotes, blogs and other oddments. You are welcome to just follow us and look at the posts but we’d love you to contribute too as the whole thing relies on people sending in interesting things that others are interested in seeing.

When is #TradSongTues?

#TradSongTues is a Twitter hashtag event that runs every Tuesday. You can send tweets at any point during the day or even the week, our team will post and retweet on Tuesdays during these sessions:

  • 8.30am-10am
  • 11.30am-1pm
  • 3.30pm-5pm
  • 7pm-8.30pm

You can send in anything you find interesting, but to help give us focus a themes for each week is announced on the preceding Thursday to give you time to find and record things...


How can I take part in #TradSongTues?

Simply visit the #TradSongTues page to see all posts with the hashtag or follow @TradSongTues on Twitter for our posts and retweets.  Read the posts that you find interesting and retweet any you like and want to share.  Please do comment if there is something that excites you or if you have a question. If you would like to contribute a post to #TradSongTues, tweet the title of the song or a little information about it, along with a link to the image/video/article, and type ‘#TradSongTues’ at the end of your tweet. It will then appear in the #TradSongTues hashtag feed on Twitter for everyone to read and we will try to retweet it too.

What can and can’t I post for #TradSongTues?

We are new to this, so still working out the boundaries - obviously any definition of traditional song is a can of worms! Watch this space for firmer line to develop, but for now, our inspiration is for the thread to celebrate traditional songs and their singers from the UK and further afield however you wish for now.  Let’s grow together…  Here are some ideas for things to share:

  • Traditional songs (in written or recorded forms)
  • Information about singers and collectors
  • Debates around traditional song
  • Photos or information about events where traditional singing happens

Please refrain from tweeting:

  • Anything containing offensive language.
  • Explicit sexual references, pornography or nudity.
  • Any of the ‘isms’: racism, sexism, etc.
  • Posts featuring children with photographs of faces or identifying information due to our child protection and safeguarding policies
  • Anything unrelated to traditional song!


Can I promote my music / event / business through #TradSongTues?

We realise that your music or event might be of interest to traditional song enthusiasts, so rather than a blanket ban on promotions, we have decided that:

  • One promotional tweet per person can be posted each week using the #TradSongTues hashtag if your music, event or product is traditional song related.
  • If it is unrelated to traditional song, we will consider it to be spam.
  • Please do not post about anything more than once – if we have shared it, people have seen it and while we want to support artists and promoters, we don’t want to skew the feed towards commercialism, we’re sure you understand.
  • We reserve the right not to retweet promotional posts at our discretion.
  • If you spam us continually, that is unfriendly and we will have to be unfriendly back.  We will report you as a spammer.


How do I make sure my tweet appears in the #TradSongTues feed?

  • Make sure you add the hashtag to your tweet, e.g.: #TradSongTues (It doesn’t matter if you use capitals or lowercase – your tweet will still come through).
  • You can tag us personally into your tweet (e.g. @TradSongTues), but this won’t appear in the #feed – it will just let us know that you have mentioned us.


Why might my tweet not have been retweeted by @TradSongTues?

  • Make sure you have added #TradSongTues to your tweet otherwise we won’t see it.
  • Make sure you have read our posting guidelines and your tweet doesn’t contain anything we can’t retweet.
  • We might not be able to retweet you if you post during one of our breaks during the day.
  • Some days just too many tweets come through and we can only retweet the most informative posts. If someone else has tweeted about the same thing earlier in the day, we try not to duplicate posts.
  • Sometimes even excellent posts get missed as we are fallible. Sorry if that happens to you, please don’t let it put you off sending new things in.
  • Comments and messages: we do like chatting to people during #TradSongTues but sometimes we miss comments and might not reply. This doesn’t mean we don’t like you – we really do! If it’s important, send us a direct message.
  • Remember, your posts don't have to be retweeted by us for people to see them on the hashtag page, so don't despair, it is still out there.


*Proudly modelled on the guidelines from @FolkloreThursday who are doing such a great job.