Looking at traditional stories involving the otherworld of fairies, ghosts and the animal kingdom, Wrackline explores our emotional responses to the space between their realm and our own. Working through the imagination to make things real.

Wrackline Tea-Towel2020

Wrackline tea towel featuring artwork by @St.Borg

Old Adam2016

Green Gravel / Raggle Taggle Gypsy / Katie Catch / Old Adam / The Hag In The Beck / Willow Glen / Queen Eleanor's Confession / The Hornet And The Beetle / Jack Orion / Long Time Ago / Go From My Window / Anchor Song / The Briar And The Rose / Old Adam (Reprise)

Also available on Amazon and iTunes.

Hand Printed Posters2016

Limited edition unique hand printed posters (A2) from the original Old Adam artwork by Nick Hayes. Signed by Fay and Nick (frame not included)

Old Adam Canvas Bag2015

Old Adam canvas bag featuring screen printed artwork by Nick Hayes.

Old Adam Tea Towel2015

Old Adam tea towel featuring screen printed artwork by Nick Hayes

The Full English2014

Awake Awake / Stand by your Guns / William and Nancy / Creeping Jane / Arthur O’Bradley / Portrait of my Wife / Fol the Day-o / Brigg Fair / Rounding the Horn / The Servant Man / Man in the Moon / Linden Lea

Seth Lakeman | Martin Simpson | Fay Hield | Nancy Kerr | Sam Sweeney | Rob Harbron | Ben Nicholls


The Lover’s Ghost / Wicked Serpent / The Parson’s Gate / The Cuckoo / Pretty Nancy / Sir Orfeo / The Old ‘Arris Mill / The Weaver’s Daughter / Tarry Trousers / Henry / Naughty Baby

Looking Glass2010

The Huntsman / Mad Family / Two Brothers / The Looking Glass / Little Yellow Roses / The Banks of the Nile / Kemp Owen / Sheepcrook and Black Dog / Grey Goose and Gander / The Shepherd’s Daughter / King Henry

Out Of Bed2008
Not currently available

Daddy Fox / Sovai / Lord Randal / Two Sisters / The Blue Cockade / I Once Lived in Service / The Scarecrow / Bring Us a Barrel / Bonny at Morn / Maids at 18 / The Tree in the Wood / Soldier Soldier / Honey for the Bee

Bryony Griffith | Fay Hield | Becky Stockwell | Gillian Tolfrey

Hells Belles2005
Not currently available

Jan Knuckey / Soldier’s Three / Our Captain Calls / The Saucy Sailor / Old Molly Metcalfe / Must I Be Bound? / The Ballad of the Butcher and the Bookbinder’s Wife / John of Hazelgreen / A Shepherd of the Downs / The Squire’s Daughter / Billy Boy / Lullay, Lullay / The Parting Glass

Bryony Griffith | Fay Hield | Becky Stockwell | Gillian Tolfrey